25 Oct 2020

Tech vs. Tradition

Is technology enhancing learning or acting as a disadvantage for students? This is a very loaded question. Do you think that traditional patterns of teaching (without computers or iPhones) was more productive? Personally, I... Read More

Category : Education 
25 Oct 2020

Same-Sex Classrooms?

What is your opinion on a classroom that consists of one gender only. Do you think students would benefit from this type of learning environment? Read More

Category : Education 
25 Oct 2020

A Student's Role in...

I think that it would be very beneficial for students to have a greater say in their education system. Schools should make polls regarding important issues for students to participate in. Some examples of issues are... Read More

Category : Education 
24 Oct 2020

Covid-19 and Education

Education has switched from in-person to online. Many students are struggling to keep their grades up. Especially students with ADHD. Online learning is a very difficult thing to get used to, and the effects are very... Read More

Category : Education 
28 May 2019


I have been someone who has thought about taking steroids, but thankfully before I made any decisions I studied and read carefully about anabolic steroids. There are many, many more adverse effect than positive ones.... Read More

Category : Education 
25 May 2019

Mental Health...

In my middle school years, I rarely recall having any talks about mental health. Once I got into High School, we had more talks about mental health and suicide. In my Freshman Seminar class, Dustin came in and talked to... Read More

Category : Education  Mental Health 
14 May 2019

How to deal with stress...

Take time for self-care.   Learn to change your thinking. ...  Take assignments one baby step at a time. ...  Lower your goals. ...  Stay balanced during exam periods. Read More

Category : Education 
19 Sep 2017

Depression resource

Hello, I struggle with depression and have compiled a short guide that helps me.  I hope you might find it useful.  See this link: An... Read More

Category : Education 
03 Jan 2017

Not B/c she was pretty-...

Carrie Fisher. You were awesome. Your work off the screen is why you are a champion and will be remembered.Your historical significance such as staring in one of the highest grossing international films of all time, first... Read More

Category : Change  Depression  Education  Hope  Mental Health  Solidarity  Youth Counseling 


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