HIV/AIDS Treatment Strategies

Author : S D Browne-Umar

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HIV/AIDS Treatment Strategies

There are various reasons for taking an interest in the treatment for HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, AIDS has no cure at the moment. But in the absence of a cure, medical science resorts to available treatment options. In seven chapters, this handy book has been designed to help people seek information about treatment strategies for HIV/AIDS. These include: A general introduction to HIV/AIDS, antiretroviral therapy (ART), dynamics of ARV drugs, merits and demerits of ARV drugs, revival of immune systems in HIV infection, foundations of immunosuppression, hints for the HIV-positive. The book also includes details of websites for further research, review questions for those preparing for coursework or examinations, a glossary of terms and an index. By explaining a complex disease as one that can be understood and managed, 'HIV/AIDS Treatment Strategies' provides clear and useful information about this important subject area.

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