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We find that providing education and counseling in an intensive outpatient rehab helps clients integrate and generalize their therapeutic gains in all aspects of their lives New sobriety stressors can be brought directly from home/ work into the outpatient rehab process New behavioral skills and insights can be applied to work/ home situations directly from the outpatient rehab settingThe overwhelming majority of our outpatient rehab counselors are in recovery themselves Our challenge is not to "re" sensitize our counselors to the client's experience It is instead to establish and maintain appropriate therapeutic distance and objectivity in the outpatient rehab groupThough being an "alcoholic" or "addict" are stigmatizing nouns in certain settings, in many Southern California settings many of us in recovery wear our labels as a "badge of courage" Seeing th e label as an opportunity to "normalize" the disease , persons in recovery need to be of service to others in need The therapeutic need to self-label boils down to our need to overcome the tendency to "forget" our disease/ liabilities/ defects/ tendencies/ next use

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