Mark McKoy's Gold Medal Fitness Secrets: Raw and Real

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Mark McKoy's Gold Medal Fitness Secrets: Raw and Real

Authentic….Real….Results Who are the fittest people on the planet, with the most beautiful, symmetrical bodies? Gold medal winning athletes, especially those in ballistic sports in track and field. Most fitness books are written by people who went to school to learn about fitness. Not this one. This one is written by Olympic Gold Medalist Mark McKoy. In his heyday as an athlete, back in 1992, he was one of the fittest men in the world. But what’s remarkable is that today, in 2014, he is STILL one of the fittest men in the world. Mark lives and breathes fitness, and his advice is proven not out of a text book, but out of the experience of a man who at 52 still looks like he belongs on the Gold medal podium. If you want to learn from the best, you owe it to yourself to buy and read this book…

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