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Mental Health Discussions in Schools:

Category: Mental Health  Mental Health 

In my middle school years, I rarely recall having any talks about mental health. Once I got into High School, we had more talks about mental health and suicide. In my Freshman Seminar class, Dustin came in and talked to the class. It was my favorite speaker we've had in class t

Date : 25 May 2019

Created By : Molly Hobson Read More

Covid-19 and Education:

Category: Mental Health 

Education has switched from in-person to online. Many students are struggling to keep their grades up. Especially students with ADHD. Online learning is a very difficult thing to get used to, and the effects are very present in our world right now.

Date : 24 Oct 2020

Created By : Amanda Hirsch Read More

Depression resource:

Category: Mental Health 


I struggle with depression and have compiled a short guide that helps me.  I hope you might find it useful.  See this link:


Date : 19 Sep 2017

Created By :
Larry Godwin Read More

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