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Through a careful listening and observing of each individual, we diagnose what co-occurring disorders might be amplifying their addictions What emerges is a customized yet clinically sound treatment that allows us to more effectively help our clients change their addictive behavior patterns Together, we can deal with these underlying problems and sort out their causes and effects By discovering the

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Final week? more like stress week:

Category: Mental Health 

Ah, finals; a month's worth of stress-induced acne, and excessive amounts of studying. A great way that I've found helps deal with stress is staying organized. Another way to deal with finals is breaking down all the work you have in a planner. This will allow you to see what ne

Date : 28 Jan 2022

Created By : MentalHealthRocks4 Read More

A Student's Role in Education:

Category: Mental Health 

I think that it would be very beneficial for students to have a greater say in their education system. Schools should make polls regarding important issues for students to participate in. Some examples of issues are learning/teaching style, school hours, lunches, class size and so on. A

Date : 25 Oct 2020

Created By : Amanda Hirsch Read More

Mental Health Discussions in Schools:

Category: Mental Health  Mental Health 

In my middle school years, I rarely recall having any talks about mental health. Once I got into High School, we had more talks about mental health and suicide. In my Freshman Seminar class, Dustin came in and talked to the class. It was my favorite speaker we've had in class t

Date : 25 May 2019

Created By : Molly Hobson Read More

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