07 Dec 2018

Amanda Bynes Honest...

Really cool story to check out! Very honest and really cool message about someone who struggled with addiction making a comeback! View the story... Read More

Category : Addiction  Depression  Mental Health  Women’s Health 
22 Feb 2018

Pink Floyd, a tragic...

my favorite band is pink Floyd best known for the dark side of the moon, wish you were here, and the wll albums released in the late 70s and early 80s. Being my favorite band not a lot of people know the story of the... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
03 May 2017

Depression and a story

​For a couple months I have been dealing with depression. I go to therapy and my family is supportive. I have a hobby of studying famous Philosophers of the past. Recently I came across the French writer and Philosopher... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
01 Feb 2017

4 Ways to Be Less...

While some people look forward to a new year full of new possibilities, others dread the change and the unknown that a new year signals. People struggle with seasonal affective disorder, new jobs, new insurance plans, new... Read More

Category : Anxiety  Mental Health 
03 Jan 2017

Not B/c she was pretty-...

Carrie Fisher. You were awesome. Your work off the screen is why you are a champion and will be remembered.Your historical significance such as staring in one of the highest grossing international films of all time, first... Read More

Category : Change  Depression  Education  Hope  Mental Health  Solidarity  Youth Counseling 
13 Dec 2016

Selena Gomez talks about...

I think its great for young women to see that the spot light creates enormous pressures and stress.  Good to see young celebrities talking about the downside of being famous and the emotional stress it causes.   Read More

Category : Mental Health 
13 Dec 2016

Lady Gaga Speak About...

Check out this awesome article. It about time celebrities start talking about being effected by mental health and ptsd after being raped. Here is the link for more information.... Read More

Category : Mental Health 

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