Firewalkers: Madness, Beauty, and Mystery

Author : Ms. Cassandra Nudel

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Firewalkers: Madness, Beauty, and Mystery

Radically Rethinking Mental Illness. Firewalkers chronicles the profound, turbulent, spiritual experience of living through a mental health crisis. What our society labels as "mental illness" can be a sacred quest that has the power to enrich us, reveal unknown strengths, and transform our lives. A note about buying this book: If you buy two copies, your shipping will be free! Please consider buying a second copy as a gift for a loved one, local library, agency, therapist waiting room, hospital, or anywhere else where you think a spark of fire can make a difference in this world. (all proceeds go to support our nonprofit community working for mental health hope, healing, and recovery) A guide to radically rethinking mental health, Firewalkers redefines mental illness as a journey of emotional turbulence, crazy blessings, ecstatic visions and mad gifts. Could it be that what we are diagnosing as mental illness is in fact a search for wholeness, balance, and meaning in a sometimes painful and irrational world? Firewalkers is the story of seven people who have experienced extreme mental states and through this experience, have learned things they never expected to learn and become people they never expected to be.

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