20 May 2018

Suicide Stigmas Need To...

It is so shameful the way that "suicide" victims are always viewed as crazy or drug seeking behaviors.  Opposed to writing a story about someone in pain and their struggle, our society loves to point out... Read More

Category : Addiction  Alcohol Abuse  Suicide Awareness  Suicide Prevention 
18 May 2018


  There is an organization in Russia called Blue Whale that seeks out people who are depressed or suicidal and tell them to hurt themselves by 50 daily tasks. Each day they give a task like go to a bridge, cut... Read More

Category : Suicide Awareness 
01 Aug 2017

Helping those you care...

So recently I had a friend who I learned was self harming himself daily. It had started a while back always repressing traumatizing things that had happened to him when he was younger. He never had many friends, I was... Read More

Category : Suicide Awareness 
26 Jul 2017

The Sinister Blue Whale...

      Back in November 2015 a mysterious website in Russia introduced a sinister game to young teenagers known as the Blue Whale challenge name after how blue whales will often go to dry land to die.... Read More

Category : Suicide Awareness 
10 May 2017

looking for advice for...

So I have a friend who is suicidal and self harms themselves. I'm not sure how to help them but I know I am the only who can. Its worth noting she is going to therapy but she doesn't want help from them and she... Read More

Category : Suicide Awareness 
23 Nov 2016

Keep it moving!

Saw this article and thought it was helpful.. Ciji loved working out and tried so hard to use excersize as a coping skill..    Read More

Category : Depression  Suicide Awareness 
23 Nov 2016

Suicide Prevention

Interesting article on suicide prevention and erasing the stigma associated with mental health problems.   Read More

Category : Suicide Awareness  Depression 
05 Oct 2015

Lets Continue Suicide...

I would like to ask, if anyone would like to show support for the CIJIK Foundation, please give the CIJIK instagram and FB a "like" so we can spread awarenss! i am always so disapointed that suicide... Read More

Category : Sober Living  Suicide Awareness 
01 Sep 2015

They Show A Suicide but...

I was so sad to hear about the Virginia incident. I do not want to speak too much about the person who murdered other before he took his own life because i assume there is going to be quite a lot of information about his... Read More

Category : Sober Living  Mental Illness  Overdose  Suicide Awareness  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome  Anxiety 

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