Responding to Anger: A Workbook

Author : Lorrainne Bilodeau M.S.

Responding to Anger: A Workbook

You've managed your anger. How do you deal with theirs? A stressed spouse, an irritable child, an irate customer, a potentially dangerous driver--they're mad, and how you react might make all the difference in a day, a relationship, a life. With this thoughtful and practical book as a guide, you'll learn what to do when anger erupts--even as you discover how much someone else's anger can teach. An enlightening how-to manual, this easy-to-use workbook combines up-to-date information with questions and exercises to help you recognize, understand, and respond to other people's anger in positive, effective, and constructive ways. Whether it's a peer, a child, a teenager, your closest friend, or a total stranger who's putting you on the spot, the Responding to Anger workbook gives you the tools, techniques, and know-how to defuse anger, work through it to greater intimacy, or sense when it's best left alone.

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