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Date: 27 Jan 2021

Created By : amandahirsch8

"Star can't shine without darkness" - D.H. Sidebottom. Sometimes your darkest times allow you to appreciate your brightest ones.

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31 Mar 2021

Created By : lashley03

Physician Support Line

A year ago, during the start of the pandemic, Dr. Mona Masood founded the Physician Support Line. This gives support to physicians and med students by giving them a space to talk about their stressors with psychiatrists who... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
25 Mar 2021

Created By : lashley03

Distance Learning Update

I thought I'd give a small update from one of my previous blog posts on the struggles with distance learning. Since my school has now transitioned into a hybrid in-person and virtual schedule. There has been a... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
12 Mar 2021

Created By : lashley03

Harry Brant Passed Away

On January 17, 2021, Harry Brant sadly passed away due to an accidental overdose at the age of 24. He was struggling with addiction for a few years. He was the son of Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant. Brant was a son, a... Read More

Category : Overdose 
04 Mar 2021

Created By : lashley03

Mood is Contagious

Recently, a study was conducted that proved negative moods are more contagious than positive moods. Despite this, people with a positive mood can influence others who are in a bad mood and take them out of that feeling. A... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
04 Mar 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch


What satisfies your quench to live life? Personally, I have found that experiencing thrill is something I value deeply. Figuring out what brings us joy is an essential task that can open up numerous possibilities leading you... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
27 Feb 2021

Created By : lashley03

Struggles with Distance Learning

In less than a month, it will mark one year since everything changed. In March of 2020, schools all over the nation transitioned from in person to distance learning. Last year, school didn't seem so bad when distance... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
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