Lashing out

Category: Mental Health

Date: 28 May 2019

Created By : CB52

I personally never felt that I had any type of anger problems, but I can recognize that I may un-intentionally take out some of my frustration and anger on the people closest to me. I never intend to project my negative feelings or moods on to others, but I don't talk about my feelings much so maybe that could be part of my slight lashing-out tendencies. When I realize what I'm doing I alwya stop and think and apologize, it's not easy to admit when im wrong but I know it;s important if I do not want to hurt any feelings.

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19 Jun 2019

Created By : Shilpi Jain

Rehabs awareness

test test Read More

Category : Alcohol Abuse 
03 Jun 2019

Created By : CB52

Suicide awareness

Tomorrow marks one year that not only a coach of mine, but a mentor and friend took his own life. It was the first time that I've lost someone to suicide that was that close with me. I never thought that it would bother... Read More

Category : Suicide Awareness 
31 May 2019

Created By : Dom Russo

U.S. Olympian Commits Suicide

Kelly Catlin, a very talented US Cyclist killed herself earlier this year. Because she was attending Stanford, being an Olympic Medalist, and much more, Kelly was under a lot of stress. Because of her work ethic to not fail... Read More

Category : Mental Health  Suicide Awareness 
31 May 2019

Created By : Dom Russo

Hangover Actor Kills Himself

Hangover actor Brody Stevens committed suicide on February 22, 2019. Brody had been battling with depression for years now. Just because people might seem successful and happy, you never truly know what's really... Read More

Category : Mental Health  Suicide Awareness 
31 May 2019

Created By : Dom Russo

Girl Urges Boyfriend to Kill...

In 2014, a man named Conrad Ray III took his life all because a text from his girlfriend. In the text she urges him to get back into his truck while it's filling up with carbon monoxide. Although she didn't... Read More

Category : Mental Health  Suicide Awareness 
30 May 2019

Created By : Dom Russo

RIP Gabrielle Crahan

Gabrielle Crahan(daughter of a Slipknot Percussionist) passed away last week due to a drug overdose. She had a history with drugs but never gave up fighting. She was only 22. Gabrielle was so young and had her whole... Read More

Category : Overdose 
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