Pink Floyd, a tragic porsporous journey

Category: Mental Health

Date: 22 Feb 2018

Created By : deliriousSisyphus

my favorite band is pink Floyd best known for the dark side of the moon, wish you were here, and the wll albums released in the late 70s and early 80s. Being my favorite band not a lot of people know the story of the original lead singer and lyricist who brought them together Syd and his tragic fall from grace. Syd was never a socially accepted kid growing up as he lacked basic social skills with other kids. However from a young age it was very clear he was musically gifted. The story goes that he was the one who had originally came up with name "Pink Floyd" and assembled the members for there band. and was the lyricist for the first 2 albums. However, during his fame he used a lot of LSD and other hallucinogens which eventually led to him slowly developing schizophrenia. he would dissociate at band rehersals talk to himself and sometimes even during live shows he would just sit on stage and dangle his feet. What is more sad then watching this brilliant artist with so much potential fall is seeing how it went on to affect the band members. Best illustrated in the "WIsh You Were" album which was dedicated to Syd each song represents a moment in the bands career with two songs known as " Shine on you crazy diamond" which has 9 parts and is over 25 minutes is a song written about Syd. If you take every other word 

S    hine

Y    ou

D    iamond


is an acronym for there lost friend Syd. aswell the other song " Wish You Were Here" is also sad as they are singing about there friend who is still physically alive but the Syd they knew and played with was gone.


although the band would occasionally visit Syd he was never the same. He supposedly spent his days making vivid paintings and then destroying them until he passed away in 2008. 



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