Rehabilitation with Scott Anthony

Category: Rehabilitation Centers

Date: 14 May 2019

Created By : Jeans-Vicky

Meet Scott Anthony 

Scott Anthony is a licensed physical therapist and the administrative director of INTEGRIS Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation. He’s been a practicing therapist since 1998 and has worked in a variety of roles including outpatient rehabilitation, inpatient rehabilitation and acute physical medicine. In his current role, he oversees outpatient and inpatient operations for Jim Thorpe at various sites through the Oklahoma City metro as well as rural locations. 

Anthony initially became interested in physical therapy after a sports injury sidelined his athletic pursuits. “Working with a therapist allowed me to recover quickly to get back on the field without pain,” he says. “The ability to positively affect a person’s life by helping them return to what is important to them, whether it is sports, work or basic daily function, is very rewarding and a common draw for most therapists.” 


29 Sep 2020

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

How Technology Negatively Impacts...

Although many parents and children are completely unaware of the side effects of technology (specifically the iPhone), the impacts are extreme and dangerous. The consistent need to be connected to and involved with the... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
02 Apr 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

Mental Health during the quarantine

A study was done to assess the psychological and immediate stress outcomes on patients who were quarantined and put under hemodialysis and the medical practitioners who cared for the infected persons at the time of the... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
26 Mar 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

Teen depression explained to...

Every parent knows that the teenage years come with ups and down changing body chemistry, overwhelming questions about personal identity, mood swings that can change in a matter of seconds. However, for an increasing... Read More

Category : Mental Health  Suicide Awareness 
18 Mar 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

“Drug overdose is one of the...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), overdose rates have increased roughly five-fold since 1990. The CDC attributes the rise in drug overdose deaths to a higher use of prescription painkillers... Read More

Category : Overdose 
17 Mar 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

"Opioids and the Overdose Epidemic"

America is facing a serious health crisis involving opioid drugs. On average, 3,900 people begin using prescription opioid painkillers for nonmedical use every day, greatly increasing each person’s risk for addiction... Read More

Category : Overdose 
19 Jun 2019

Created By : Shilpi Jain

Rehabs awareness

test test Read More

Category : Alcohol Abuse 
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