Alcohol abuse

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Date: 24 May 2017

Created By : Sisyphus

Something that's bothered me since I was a child is my parents alcoholism.   Its still an ongoing problem, nearly every night since I was young my parents would drink a bottle to two bottles of wine or vodka. although I was never physically abused by them they would said I shouldn't complain because both of there parents would physically abuse them when they would drink so in there eyes I had it good. But still it seems at night I lose them as people, sure I can talk too them still but there rationality is gone. When I was younger I would get in a lot of fights with my Mom and Dad and they would guilt trip me while drunk. "you're gonna be sorry when I'm dead." My Dad would say that a lot when he was intoxicated. To this day it still bothers me because I've grown very distant with them as it is still something they do almost nightly. I'm worried it is going to have a bad impression on my younger sister who also cant communicate with them. I would like too take them to family therapy but I don't think they will be optimistic about it and insist they don't have a problem. I honestly just miss being able to have a calm night with my parents with no fighting.

Profile 03 Jul 2017
Reply Life-Iz-Good

Hey man i respect your honesty very much.  I actually had an alcoholic  dad as well and he would say the same stuff. All he ever talked about what his dad being a horrible drunk and would abuse him.  Its very tough to see that side of them and their dark side come out. I don't think most parents really understand how it makes us as kids feel when they act like that. I agree that most parents wont ever agree to seeing a counselor because the hardest step is admitting that they have a problem.  Sounds that your the best influence and rock for your younger sister so way to set a good example for her and do your best to protect her!  


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Why People Die by Suicide

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