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Category: Suicide Awareness

Date: 01 Aug 2017

Created By : Sisyphus

So recently I had a friend who I learned was self harming himself daily. It had started a while back always repressing traumatizing things that had happened to him when he was younger. He never had many friends, I was one of his few friends. He had once told me he didn't believe in therapy because his older brother had done it to help his depression and it had caused a lot of family problems. Anytime me and any of his other friends tried to help him or give him advice he would either distance himself or give a pessimistic response. This went on for about a month of only seeing him here and there. One day we had found out he had been cutting his arms and legs with his knifes. Me and his other friend were concerned for him we were not sure what to do. We tried talking to him about it once but he would change the subject or tell us cutting was making him feel better. We started getting concerned when he would always say he didn't matter or that he didn't plan on having a future. Me and his other friend sent pictures of his cuts to his older brother in hopes he would talk to him, he didn't. So me and my friend agreed we would have to tell his parents, we texted his mom to meet us for coffee and I felt bad but we decided someone had to tell her and if the brother wasn't going to do it then we should, even if should cost our friendship with him. After giving his mom the hard news she said she is going to get him into therapy. Now although he understandably isn't talking to me anymore he is seeing therapy and getting the help he needs.  

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29 Sep 2020

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

How Technology Negatively Impacts...

Although many parents and children are completely unaware of the side effects of technology (specifically the iPhone), the impacts are extreme and dangerous. The consistent need to be connected to and involved with the... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
02 Apr 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

Mental Health during the quarantine

A study was done to assess the psychological and immediate stress outcomes on patients who were quarantined and put under hemodialysis and the medical practitioners who cared for the infected persons at the time of the... Read More

Category : Mental Health 
26 Mar 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

Teen depression explained to...

Every parent knows that the teenage years come with ups and down changing body chemistry, overwhelming questions about personal identity, mood swings that can change in a matter of seconds. However, for an increasing... Read More

Category : Mental Health  Suicide Awareness 
18 Mar 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

“Drug overdose is one of the...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), overdose rates have increased roughly five-fold since 1990. The CDC attributes the rise in drug overdose deaths to a higher use of prescription painkillers... Read More

Category : Overdose 
17 Mar 2020

Created By : Lucas Granjeon

"Opioids and the Overdose Epidemic"

America is facing a serious health crisis involving opioid drugs. On average, 3,900 people begin using prescription opioid painkillers for nonmedical use every day, greatly increasing each person’s risk for addiction... Read More

Category : Overdose 
19 Jun 2019

Created By : Shilpi Jain

Rehabs awareness

test test Read More

Category : Alcohol Abuse 
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Meditations for Survivors of Suicide

Meditations for Survivors of Suicide

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Half in Love: Surviving the Legacy of Suicide

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The Unique Grief of Suicide: Questions and Hope


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