Korean-Peer Nomination Inventory

Category: Bullying

Date: 05 May 2019

Created By : Jeans-Vicky

School bullying is sometimes identified using the K-PNI. The K-PNI is based on the Peer Nomination Inventory (PNI) developed by Wiggins and Winder to determine implicit or explicit judgments about peers as part of the examination of children's social maladjustment. To complete the questionnaire, children were asked to name classmates of the same sex who fit the behavioral type described in each item. The nomination of multiple individuals for each item was allowed. The median score on the PNI represents a natural break in the distribution that identifies children as having been nominated in a given category.

Profile 14 May 2019
Reply lashley03

I'm kinda confused on what the K-PNI is exactly. Is it supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? 

17 Jan 2020

Created By : Prity Test User

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31 May 2019

Created By : Dom Russo

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31 May 2019

Created By : Dom Russo

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Category : Mental Health  Suicide Awareness 
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