14 Sep 2021

The Effects of Bullying

Many people underestimate the negative effects of bullying. When people are shoved to the ground, physically or mentally, they often have trouble recovering. Support is very important in these situations. Read More

Category : Bullying 
30 Aug 2021

How Words Can Be Harmful

Many kids around the world get bullied by students at their schools. Many bullies are just having troubles of their own, and don't know how to express their anger. It would be helpful for kids to have somewhere they can... Read More

Category : Bullying 
25 Oct 2020

No to Bullying

There are many ways that schools can help decrease the amount of bullying that occurs within their walls. One of the ways is to monitor interactions in an noninvasive way. This allows teachers and staff to be aware of... Read More

Category : Bullying 
28 May 2019

bullying in high school

An open question: In your experience, what's more prominent in high school, online bullying, or physical, in person bullying? Read More

Category : Bullying 
24 May 2019

My First Blog!

Hello! This is my first blog and I am excited to share for you all. A big issue in society today is bullying. And unfortunately, it's not just bullying in schools anymore. With the rise of social media in recent years,... Read More

Category : Bullying 
16 May 2019

How Schools Should Deal...

Schools can prevent bullying by addressing it more to their students by using presentations, discussions, and having students research the effects of bullying. It is best to talk about the subject before it... Read More

Category : Bullying 
05 May 2019

Korean-Peer Nomination...

School bullying is sometimes identified using the K-PNI. The K-PNI is based on the Peer Nomination Inventory (PNI) developed by Wiggins and Winder to determine implicit or explicit judgments about peers as part of... Read More

Category : Bullying 


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