Mental Health Discussions in Schools

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Date: 25 May 2019

Created By : mollyhobso1604

In my middle school years, I rarely recall having any talks about mental health. Once I got into High School, we had more talks about mental health and suicide. In my Freshman Seminar class, Dustin came in and talked to the class. It was my favorite speaker we've had in class the whole year, and many others can agree with me. I learned a lot more about mental health and suicide and I got a lot out of that day. I think it is really important for schools to raise awareness about these things. It helps educate the students and provide comfort for many others. I find these talks to be beneficial because I learn a lot more and I feel connected to those around me. It would be nice if we got even more of these talks because it would educate many even more on these topics. It would also help those who need support and comfort, to feel comforted and hear other peoples' stories. Overall, I think society is doing a lot better in terms of talking more about mental health, but it can be improved in the education environment even more.

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06 Oct 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

Daily Quote

"Believe you can, and you are halfway there" - Theodore Roosevelt. Read More

Category : Mental Health 
29 Sep 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch


Friendships are very important in staying happy and healthy. Support from people who love you make a huge difference in peoples' day to day life. Read More

Category : Mental Health 
22 Sep 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

Seeking Help

Support groups don't always sound the most appealing, but they are extremely helpful. Being surrounded by other people who want and offer support is a great way to aid the feeling of lonliness. Read More

Category : Support Group Meetings 
22 Sep 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

Living in the Moment

It is essential for each human being on the planet to spend every second of every day living in the present moment. Happiness is found within the present moment.  Read More

Category : Mental Health 
14 Sep 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

The Effects of Bullying

Many people underestimate the negative effects of bullying. When people are shoved to the ground, physically or mentally, they often have trouble recovering. Support is very important in these situations. Read More

Category : Bullying 
10 Sep 2021

Created By : Amanda Hirsch

Interactive Education

It is very hard to be interested in a class that only consists of taking notes. Being involved in a class is interesting when there are hands on experiences and interactive activities. Incorporating this type of learning... Read More

Category : Education 
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