Category: Addiction

Date: 24 Feb 2018

Created By : deliriousSisyphus

I often have trouble remembering the last time i was happy. Truly happy. A lot of days I question why I keep up in this cycle of school social drama substance abuse family fights. I often ask the question where am I going? And although I dont have an answer on how to get better I know this much everyday when you wake up, get dressed and go outside you have no idea what the world might throw in your path. Maybe you'll meet an attractive person, maybe you can help an elderly person, maybe you strike converssation with a cashier. And of course it could be the worst day as well. You can get bad news, lose your job, get in a fight. But while that can be the worst day of your life you just go to sleep and wake up the next day and it wont be the worst day of your life. And thats important to remember

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