03 Jan 2021

Rumer Willis Celebrates...

Despite the challenges of 2020, Rumer Willis ended the year on a special note as she reached four years of sobriety. Keep scrolling for what she had to say about the milestone. Read More

Category : Addiction  Addiction  Women’s Health 
28 May 2019


I've never dealt with an addiction myself, but I do know people who do struggle with it. Is addiction more of a mental weakness or is the physical side of things as prominent as most think? Does it depend on the action... Read More

Category : Addiction 
07 Dec 2018

Amanda Bynes Honest...

Really cool story to check out! Very honest and really cool message about someone who struggled with addiction making a comeback! View the story... Read More

Category : Addiction  Mental Health  Mental Health  Women’s Health 
20 May 2018

Suicide Stigmas Need To...

It is so shameful the way that "suicide" victims are always viewed as crazy or drug seeking behaviors.  Opposed to writing a story about someone in pain and their struggle, our society loves to point out... Read More

Category : Addiction  Alcohol Abuse  Suicide Awareness  Suicide Prevention 
03 Mar 2018


Recently i feel like ive been trapped in a cycle. I keep looking for happiness in school and relationships only for them to fall short to my expectations every time. Yknow and I can quit doing the things I deem wrong in my... Read More

Category : Addiction 
24 Feb 2018


I often have trouble remembering the last time i was happy. Truly happy. A lot of days I question why I keep up in this cycle of school social drama substance abuse family fights. I often ask the question where am I going?... Read More

Category : Addiction 
22 Feb 2018


Id be lying if I said I haven't sufffered, Been caught in a mental noose Another cycle of substance abuse Buying into the tense negligence Choose to lose to these demons im trying to fry in a frantic high. All these... Read More

Category : Addiction 
04 Oct 2017

The Best Tips for...

Getting through the holiday party season can be challenging, especially when you are recovering from addiction.  Take charge of your Halloween fun by throwing the party yourself this year.  By offering awesome,... Read More

Category : Addiction 


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